Infrastructure monitoring made easy

Whether you need to monitor public websites, cloud services, private or on-premise infrastructures, the Appclacks platform will meet your needs.

Start monitoring your websites in minutes !

The universal health check solution

Create health checks, run them on the Appclacks Cloud platform from multiple points of presence or on your infrastructure, gather and exploit metrics about their executions, and be alerted when something goes wrong.

“I have been an infrastructure engineer for years and was always frustrated by external monitoring tools. I built Appclacks as a tool that I would have liked to have for my day-to-day job."

Mathieu Corbin

Appclacks founder

In the cloud or on-premise

Appclacks is the first health check monitoring solution working seamlessly for public and private infrastructures.

Open source and standards

Appclacks is built on top of open source tools and provides integrations with industry standards.

Simple to use

We provide state-of-the-art tooling to interact with the Appclacks cloud platform.

API First

Configure everything using our full-featured API


The Appclacks CLI allows you to work with the platform from the comfort of your terminal


Make infrastructure as code using our Terraform provider 

Powered by Cabourotte

Our Open Source prober

We developed Cabourotte , a lightweight prober capable of executing all kinds of health checks, reporting their status, and providing metrics about them.

Use our cloud service

Once a health check is created on the Appclacks cloud platform, we can run it for you.

Host it

You can deploy Cabourotte on your how private infrastructure and plug it into the Appclacks API to automatically configure it.

Detailed analytics

Prometheus integration

Our API provides health check metrics in the Prometheus format. If you're a Prometheus user, you can configure it directly to scrape the Appclacks API to retrieve the metrics.

You can then exploit them like any other Prometheus metrics.

Health checks results

Health check results are stored in the Appclacks cloud platform and can be retrieved at any time through the Appclacks API to help you investigate issues.

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Infrastructure monitoring made easy

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